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First Mission To Mars

Updated: Jan 27

Mars. This art collection was created to develop a digital Noah's Ark featuring animals and astronauts preparing and headed on the First Mission to Mars. I have created a digital art collection with One of a Kind digital NFTs available on Opensea & Rarible, as well as physical products on Redbubble and Etsy such as posters, coasters, mugs, and a myriad of other goodies showing off the original Art for The First Mission To Mars.

Garrett Thierry, Commander On First Mission To Mars, sat nervously in the cockpit of the fully colonized spacecraft, his hands gripping the controls tightly as he counted down the final seconds before launch. Beside him sat his neuroenhanced ape pilot And the First Ape On Mars, a specially trained chimpanzee named Zeus, who had been genetically modified to possess enhanced intelligence and the ability to operate complex machinery.

The mission was a historic one: the first manned mission to Mars, and the first time that animals from Earth had been successfully colonized on another planet. The spacecraft was carrying a diverse array of species, from elephants and lions to parrots and fish, all of which had been carefully selected and trained for the journey.

As the countdown reached zero, the engines roared to life, and the spacecraft lifted off the launchpad and into the sky. Garrett and Zeus worked in perfect harmony, their enhanced abilities allowing them to navigate the ship with precision and ease as they hurtled through space. First Spaceship To Mars NFTs available at Opensea. Original works including Spaceship Preparing To Colonize Mars, First Ape On Mars, Monkey Creeping On Mars, Retrowave Rhino Headed To Mars, and many others in development and coming soon depicting this historic mission.

Spaceship Preparing To Colonize Mars

The journey to Mars was long and arduous, but the two commanders and their crew of scientists and engineers managed to keep the ship and its precious cargo running smoothly. As they approached the red planet, excitement and anticipation built among the team. They had trained for years for this moment, and the thought of being the first humans to set foot on Martian soil was a dream come true.

As they entered orbit, Zeus expertly piloted the ship through the thin Martian atmosphere and successfully landed it on the planet's surface. The team quickly set to work unloading the animals and establishing a habitable environment for them on the planet.

But as they began to explore their new home, they soon realized that Mars was not the barren, lifeless planet they had expected. Instead, they found evidence of an ancient civilization and signs of current life forms. The discovery was both exhilarating and terrifying, as they realized they were not alone in the universe.

Garrett and Zeus quickly sprang into action, using their enhanced abilities to analyze the data and communicate with the team back on Earth. They discovered that the planet was inhabited by a technologically advanced alien species, who had been watching their progress from the moment they arrived.

Faced with this new challenge, the team had to make a decision: to stay and explore this new civilization or to leave and return to Earth. In the end, they chose to stay, believing that the potential knowledge and advancements that could be gained from this encounter outweighed the risks.

Over the next several months, they established diplomatic relations with the Martian inhabitants and began to learn about their culture and way of life. The animals they brought with them thrived in the Martian environment, and the team was able to establish a fully functioning colony on the planet.

Garrett and Zeus, the first human and ape to set foot on Mars, had not only made history but had also made the first steps in forging a mutually beneficial relationship between two different species in the universe. As they looked out at the vast expanse of the Martian landscape, they knew that their journey was far from over, and that the possibilities were truly endless.

The mission was a success and was considered as a turning point in the history of space exploration. The knowledge and advancements gained from this encounter were invaluable and would shape the future of humanity. As the team returned back to Earth, they were hailed as heroes and the world watched as they shared their incredible story with the world.

Years later the team would return to Mars and started a new phase of the exploration. The discovery of the alien species on Mars was the beginning of a new era of understanding and cooperation in the cosmos, and the legacy of Garrett and Zeus would live on as a beacon of hope and inspiration for generations to come.

Each of these One Of A Kind NFTs depicting the First Spaceship To Mars Collection is available on Opensea, but also has product lines for sale on Etsy and Redbubble.

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