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The Black List with Founder & CEO Franklin Leonard

The Black List, how it was founded, and how it continues to develop are discussed with founder and CEO Franklin Leonard who explains the difference between studios and production companies along with the idea of mixing creativity with business.  Find out how The Black List fuels projects like Amazon's upcoming "Air." Read More:  The Blacklist: Courting America with Amazons "Air."

The director of the Academy Nicholl Fellowships, Greg Beal, discusses the ins and outs of the program and reveals some of the scripts that ended up being successful features during this interview for The Insiders, hosted by Sebastian Twardosz.   Find out more: Hollywood's Best Kept Secrets: A Glimpse into the History of the Oscars & 2023 Predictions

Matthew Gratzner is widely respected within the entertainment industry for his artistry and business acumen—a rare pairing of skills. Best known for feature-film visual effects work, Matthew has also directed numerous commercials over the last decade.

lining up the films for the most influential film festival in America is discussed with Sundance Film Festival Director of Programming, Trevor Groth.  Read More about Sundance: The Sundance Film Festival: The Ultimate Destination for Independent Filmmakers

FRIDAY THE 13TH creator, Sean S. Cunningham talks about the birth of Jason and the classic horror movie franchise in this uncensored interview. 


Slasher Film: ‘Final Summer’ Teaser Trailer Gives Homage to ‘Friday the 13th’!

Top 13 Indie Horror Film Marketing Campaigns Too Scary To Be True

Entertainment law and the industry secrets that people in the movie business need to know to save themselves from exploitation by studios and all the other show biz figures dying to take your money is revealed in this interview with attorney Elsa Ramo. M

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