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Slasher Film: ‘Final Summer’ Teaser Trailer Gives Homage to ‘Friday the 13th’!

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

Final Summer is a callback slasher to the Friday the 13th franchise and one of the best new horror films to stream in 2023. Take a look at the teaser trailer. The director, John Isberg, has paid homage to the classic Friday the 13th franchise and has brought back the spine-tingling, edge-of-your-seat thrills that we all know and love.'

In the aftermath of a tragedy at Camp Silverlake, a group of counselors are fighting for their lives against a masked killer. It's 1991, the final day of summer camp, but little do they know, it's also the final day of their lives. Who is the killer?

Final Summer: A Callback Slasher Film - Immerse yourself in the spine-tingling thrills of Camp Silverlake in this throwback to the classic Friday the 13th franchise. With a talented director, John Isberg, and a cast that promises to deliver, this film is sure to be a hit with horror fans. Watch the teaser trailer now. #FinalSummer #PopcornFrights #ThrowbackSlasher #CampSilverlake. Another Savant Artist success.

The camp urban legend? Or something more sinister? The teaser trailer will give you a sneak peek into the suspense, but trust us when we say, it's not everything it seems at Camp Silverlake.

The film has already generated a lot of buzz and write ups, Film Threat Review, among the horror and indie film communities, with this article here at Bloody Disgusting and Savant Artists deciding to team up to help this slasher find its beloved audience.. "Final Summer" is a throwback slasher that pays homage to the classic Friday the 13th franchise while also bringing something new to the table. With its atmospheric soundtrack, suspenseful cinematography, and a cast that promises to deliver, "Final Summer" is sure to be a hit with horror fans.Final Summer! #FinalSummer #PopcornFrights #ThrowbackSlasher #CampSilverlake"

Final Summer: Best New Horror Film to Stream in 2023

Final Summer is the perfect film for horror fans who want to relive the suspense and thrills of the classic Friday the 13th franchise. With a talented director, John Isberg, who has paid homage to the original series, and a cast that promises to deliver, "Final Summer" is sure to be a hit. The film is a throwback slasher that brings back the spine-tingling, edge-of-your-seat excitement of the classic franchise while also adding a unique twist. Don't miss out on this opportunity to see the new era of slasher films! Share the news with your friends and get ready to scream this summer at Camp Silverlake! #FinalSummer #PopcornFrights #ThrowbackSlasher #CampSilverlake #BestNewHorrorFilmToStreamIn2023 #TopHorrorFilmToStream2023

Final Summer will be released soon, if you are interested in learning more about Final Summer Films or Savant Artists and the Friday the 13th Franchise, check out the interview below.

Securing The Deal

Savant Artists helped John Isberg Director of Final Summer secure a great deal with Cardinal XD by utilizing their expertise in the film and television industry to identify potential buyers and negotiate favorable terms for the acquisition and distribution of the content. Savant Artists leveraged their connections and knowledge of film markets, such as AFM, Cannes Festival, Berlinale, and others, to ensure that Final Summer was marketed to the right audience and platforms. They used their methodical and aggressive sales approach to tailor their efforts to the specific needs and interests of the producers, buyers, platforms, and the licensed content. By emphasizing the film's high concept, well-executed elements, and genre appeal, Savant Artists were able to secure a deal that was in the best interest of Cardinal XD and Final Summer.

FRIDAY THE 13TH & The Birth of Jason with Sean S. Cunningham

FRIDAY THE 13TH creator, Sean S. Cunningham talks about the birth of Jason and the classic horror movie franchise in this uncensored interview. The iconic theme song of the slasher movies, his working relationship with Wes Craven on THE LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT, the making of HERE COME THE TIGERS and MANNY’S ORPHANS, and the odd history he had watching ALIEN with O.J. Simpson are all shared in this special episode of The Insiders, hosted by Sebastian Twardosz.

GUEST BIO: One of today’s most successful and versatile filmmakers, Sean S. Cunningham graduated from Franklin and Marshall College and studied for Master’s degree in drama and film at Stanford University. He began his career managing theater companies around the country, including productions at New York’s Lincoln Center, the Oregon Shakespeare Festival and the Mineola Theater in Long Island. His first film was a semi- documentary entitled TOGETHER, after which he produced the original Wes Craven cult classic The Last House on the Left. Cunningham went on to direct and produce the phenomenally successful Friday the 13th, featuring iconic villain Jason Voorhees. The film spawned an enormously successful franchise that continues to thrive. Other notable films he’s directed include A Stranger is Watching, Spring Break, The New Kids, and Deep Star Six. Cunningham also produced such films as House I, II, IV, The Horror Show, My Boyfriend’s Back, Jason Goes to Hell, Jason X and the tremendously successful Freddy vs. Jason. He is an executive producer on the recent hit remakes of Friday the 13th and Last House on the Left.

EPISODE BREAKDOWN: 00:01 Welcome to The Insiders. 00:30 Introducing Sean S. Cunningham. 00:45 How Friday the 13th started as just a title. 03:35 The making of Friday The 13th. 06:00 Creating the soundscape of Friday The 13th. 09:00 Expectations after releasing the film. 11:15 What it’s like working with the same people on multiple projects. 12:50 Creating the grudge match Freddy vs Jason. 15:00 How did Jason Voorhees’ mask become part of the character? 16:30 Cunningham’s change of heart and decision to not be a doctor. 21:15 Raising funds before Kickstarter existed. 22:05 Early film projects of Sean S. Cunningham. 24:25 Bringing The Last House on the Left into being with Wes Craven. 27:00 Kids sports films; Here Come the Tigers and Manny’s Orphans. 30:50 Spring Break. 33:50 House and My Boyfriend’s Back. 37:00 Watching a screening of Alien with O.J. Simpson. 38:35 Thank you and Goodbye.


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