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about me

Height: 6"5   |   Eye Color: Blue   |   Hair Color: Brown

Passionate actor and film distribution profession seeking to bring life to the silver screen across all genres.  Seeking opportunities in both television and feature films.


Flim/ Televison

Kyyba Films                       Devils Night: Dawn of            Supporting Actor

                                          Night Rouge

Be Your Own Hollywood    A Parents Worst Nightmare   Supporting Actor 


Diamond Dead                  Wronged                                Supporting Actor


Crystal Creek Media          Christmas Coupon                 Supporting Actor 


Painted Creek ​                   Betrayed                                Supporting Actor


Crystal Creek Media           Skydog                                  Supporting Actor

Motion Picture ​Institute      Uncommon Criminals            Lead Actor


Educo Entertainment          Urban Envy                            Supporting Actor 

Crystal Creek Media           Rather to be Chosen              Supporting Actor

University of Michigan        What You Carry                      Lead Actor


Reality Models                    Bennington Boat 2016           Print Campaign


Production Plus                  Vera Bradley 2015 Winter       Print Campaign


Commercial/ Video

University of Michigan        Turtlecell                                Commercial

SLK Media Group                Power                                    Music Video

Training & Workshops                        Meisner Studies                                          Michael Maurice

Character Acting                              Fundamentals of Acting                             Hugh Gall

Improvisation                                    Comedic Timing and Delivery                   Dave Davies

Professional Development                An Actor Prepared                                     Tina Gloss

Screen Acting                                   Acting on Screen                                       Tina Gloss

The Ohio's Actors' Symposium        Hollywood Across America                        ***

Launch Showcase 2014                     Launch Talent Showcase                            ***                              Cold Reading                                             Alexia Robinson

Special Skills

Dialects: British, Midwestern, Southern, Thug, Bostonian

Improvisational Actor with Strong Comedic Timing

Advanced Weight-Lifting: Deadlift 500+, Squat 400+. Bench Press 300+, Barbell Curl 185 

Barstarz Street Workouts: Muscle-Ups, Planches, Handstands

Choreographed Fighting Scenes

Intermediate Yoga Practitioner

Intermediate Pilates Performer

Starting Pitcher and Team Captain of 2006 High School State Championship Baseball Team

225+ Average Bowler with multiple 300 games

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